Russian climber respectively the two times Boulder World Champion Dmitry Sharafutdinov climbed Ali Hulk Extension 9a+ in the Ali Baba Cave in Rodellar, Spain, in July 2012. The line was first climbed by Spain’s Dani Andrada.

The guy who can do 75 pull-ups static and 110 dynamic!

Before he was winning the world championship in 2007 he prepared by doing 10′ to 20,000 pull-ups per month. In the morning he was training between 6 to 10. In the evening from 1500 to 2200. This is a very difficult method of training and he does not recommend it. An exercise on the bar is 20 sets of 20 times, rest between sets 3 – 4 minutes. Then fingerboard, active grip 15 sets of 15 times.

Before winning in 2011, he did 3′ – 5000 per month and he increased the load using weight belts etc. you have to say that it is very difficult and dangerous. The 2007 method is hard for your heart and the technique for 2011 puts a lot of stress on the joints.