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Month: October 2012

Manuel Brunn in “The Elder Statesman” 9a

Die erste Wiederholung von “The Elder Statesman” (9a) in der Fränkischen Schweiz durch Manuel Brunn. Nun hat Manuel auch ein sehr sehenswertes Video online gestellt, in dem man sich mal als “Otto-Normal-Kletterer” anschauen kann, was es denn so mit einer fränkischen 9a auf sich hat, die durch den Erstbegeher Markus Bock sogar mit 9a/9a+ angegeben wurde. Nice one!

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Puigblanque & Markovic wins IFSC Lead World Cup 2012 in Inzai

In the Matsuyamashita Sports Park in Inzai was the penultimate decision in the lead World Cup 2012. In the men’s a way to easy route design in the finals took out the voltage of the sloping season.

Seven of the eight finalists topped the route and therefore it was all to the count back of the semifinal result. The victory went therefore to Ramon Puigblanque before Jakob Schubert and Japanese Sachi Amma the local hero.

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Min & Kim wins IFSC Lead World Cup 2012 in Mokpo

The Koreans Hyunbin Min & Jain Kim wins their home IFSC Lead World Cup 2012 in Mokpo Korea. A fantastic world cup for the second of three world cups in Asia in 3 weeks. The speed season is now over with world records set in Xining. Congratulations to Korea for taking the gold in both male and female lead finals.

High voltage was guaranteed in advance of the competition as both the men’s and the ladies of the battle for the overall World Cup victory in 2012 is entering its crucial phase and so far none of the athletes is settled.
Even after the third last station in Korea, it remains both the ladies and the men’s tremendously exciting.

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Climbing dissed for Olympics

Few would argue if the IOC were to overlook sport climbing in favour of the more established sports on the shortlist when it meets in Buenos Aires next year. But for Marco Scolaris, the Italian president of the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC), it would be wrong to write off the sport entirely.

“The fact that the IOC put us in the shortlist shows that they appreciate the fact that in the last year our growth has been constant,” he says of an organisation that has grown to include 80 national federations since its formation in 2007. “We are doing all we can in order to be selected, of course, but I think that from the moment a sport is selected there are still seven years to work on improvements, the growth, etc, so that’s why we are confident that it might happen today. I think climbing would also give a good sign that dreams can come true. There are sports that have been on the shortlist three times and of course maybe some of them are bigger than us, maybe they might deserve it more than us, but you know I think it could be a good time for everybody to see a completely new sport coming in and being selected.”

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Mission to the Edge of the Space completed

For five years Felix Baumgartner has been preparing for this leap. He gets out of the capsule, salutes and jumps from the edge of the universe into the depths of 39043m.
At the beginning of the free fall, there is a scary minute. Shortly after Baumgartner dived down, he starts to tumble and he turns seemingly several times around its own axis. But then he brings his body back under control and flying for several minutes as a bright spot against the earth. Lastly, the parachute of the 43-year-old opens and his team surged to cheer. Finally Baumgartner puts a very clean landing, stands on two legs, seems intact. Then the relief: Felix Baumgartner has survived the jump from the stratosphere. Only minutes later, camera teams surrounding the record holder for an interview and finally he pulls the arms in the air.

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McColl & Ernst wins IFSC Lead World Cup 2012 in Xining

Sean McColl and Johanna Ernst are the winners of the IFSC Lead World Cup 2012 in Xining. Johanna Ernst from Salzburg celebrated their first win of the season in China. The World bronze medalist referred Mina Markovic from Slovenia and South Korean Kim Jain onto podium places two and three. In the men’s world Jakob Schubert could not defeating the Canadian Sean McColl and settled for fourth place after Jorg Verhoeven and Stefano Ghisolfi

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